About Benchmark Property Management

As one of the most respected property management companies in South Florida, Coral 
Springs-based Benchmark Property Management, Inc. has served the Sunshine State 
for 25 years. Offering an array of services including administrative, financial, 
operational, consulting, and Internet options, Benchmark Property Management aims 
to assist its clients on every platform possible. Family-owned and -operated since 
day one, Benchmark Property Management has built a close relationship with all of 
its clients. 

Since starting with only 4 client associations in 1987, clientele at Benchmark 
Property Management has grown to over 100 in 2011, including the original members. 
Bill Sugarman, President and cofounder of Benchmark Property Management, was also 
a founding member of the National Association of Realtors Property Management 
Section. In 1988, Mr. Sugarman was one of the first 500 Licensed Community 
Association Managers in Florida, which contains more than 35,000 licensees today. 
Utilizing his experience and memberships, Mr. Sugarman is in constant contact with 
hundreds of board members, offering advice, guidance, and a professional partnership. 

Highly committed to client satisfaction, Benchmark Property Management of Coral 
Springs maintains an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau. Throughout its 25 
years in business, Benchmark Property Management has never had an administrative 
complaint upheld against it by any regulatory agency and maintains a rock-solid 
relationship with all of the Florida regulatory agencies that govern the industry. 
In an effort to give back to the community, Benchmark Property Management sponsors 
youth teams and hosts charity golf tournaments as well.

For more information on all of the services Benchmark Property Management offers, 
please visit their website at www.benchmarkpm.com.

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